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Pisona Castle Ruins

The Castle in 1500

The Castle of Pisona (Pisonski grad/Castello di Pisona) is the ruins of a castle in Pisona (Old Town of Pisona). The castle was constructed in 1430 to 1450 by Duke Peter II. Around the castle they built Pisona. In 1506, the Habsburgs controlled the castle and improved the defences. But in 1530 the Ottoman Turks won the castle in the Battle of Pisona. They destroyed most of the castle. If was fixed in 1580 when Juliana became independent again but after 1800 it became ruined becasue they didn't need the castle. Now it's a museum and a popular symbol of Pisona. The museum was created in 1920 and is a popular tourist site.

The castle is situated in a hill in the center of the old part of Pisona, in the middle of Peter Premis Street and Carlotta Avenue.