Bunker passage

Ciconia Bunker was a secret bunker that was constructed in 1954 to 1971 in the mountain near Ciconia. The bunker now is a museum.

History of Ciconia BunkerEdit

Ciconia Bunker was built in 1954 to 1971 near Ciconia. In case there was an attack in Juliana or a nuclear attack in Yugoslavia or Italy the most important goverment and military people could be safe in the bunker.

Inside the bunker there are communications centers, meeting rooms and even a bedroom which was for the Prime Minister, Anton Berčič. Inside the bunker they had type-writers, telephones and a big old computer of the 1980's that was modern in that period. After Juliana became a democratic country the bunker was closed, but in 1990 it became a museum.

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