Congress of Deputies
Palace of the Congress
Type Unicameral
President of the Congress August Paulina
Last Election September 5, 2014
Diagram of the Congress of Deputies

The Congress of Deputies is the legislative body of Juliana. There are 50 members of the congress and they are elected maximum every 4 years. The building of the congress is called the Palace of the Congress.

History of the CongressEdit

The Congress of Deputies was created in 1715 to be representative and not a lot pof powers. But soon the congress began to limit the king's control of legislation, taxation, budget, and treasury matters and became very important. In 1840 there were the first democratic elections for the Congress, but only men who were citizens could vote. After 1900, women citizens could vote.

The 50 deputies are elected by proportional representation every four years. Only the parties that get minimum 4% of votes can join the congress. The parties choose the Prime Minister, who has traditionally been the leader of the largest party of the congress. Because there are many popular parties, the government usually is a coalition of many parties.

List of political parties in the CongressEdit

Logo Party Position Deputies
LOGO POSITIVE BLOCK Positive Block Centre-left 14
CIVIC rIGHT lOGO Civic Right Centre-right 11
Social Democrats if Juliana Social Democrats of Juliana Left 10
Cristian Democratic Party Logo Christian Democratic Party Centre-right 6
The Greens Logo The Greens Left 4
Socialist Party logo Socialist Party Left 3
Logo of 55 Plus 55 Plus Centre 2