David de Bernières
David de Bernières (March 2, 1980) is a French-Juliana architect and the pretender of the monarchy of Juliana. He was born in Lyon. His great-great-grandfather was King Danilo III of Juliana. In 1984, his family was the first royals that were allowed to return to Juliana in 43 years. Since 1986 he has resided in Juliana. He studied at the University of Pisona in 1998. He was a designer of Porta Shopping Centre that was built in 2010.

He is married to Silvia Portas, with whom he has two children:

  • Clarissa Porta-Bernières, 2010
  • Andre Porta-Bernières, 2013

David is the 6th cousin thrice removed of Manuela de Putifigari-Arcais (the claimant of the Traspesian royal family), 8th cousin once removed of King Oscar III of Strasland, 9th cousin of Queen Helene of Brunant, King Hendrik of Libertas and King Sebastian of Lovia, 10th cousin of King Jean-Louis II of Cettatie and King Edward of Kemburg.