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Duhovnik (Priest in Slovene) is a beer and brewery from Partena. Duhovnik was founded in 1723 by monks in a monastery in Partena. The beer cheekily featured a fat priest as the logo, which is used ever since.


Duhovnik was founded by Catholic monks of St. Martin's in Partena. The beer was produced until World War II, when the monastery was bombed out. The monks kept on producing limited beer quantities until the late 1980s, when they decided to sell their recipe in order to allow for greater production of the beer. The Duhovnik brewery also owns Fontana water.

Beer typesEdit

  • 5%: Duhovnik 5% is the brewer's classic beer, with a dark, bold flavor
  • Duhovnik 1723: A premium version of the classic 5% beer
  • Duhovnik 9: A strong 9% alcohol beer

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