Giovanni Valli
Name Giovanni Valli
Born April 7, 1918
Died October 21, 1979
Positions NPI attaché, Julianan Embassy of Brunant (1975-1976)
Political party Communist Party of Juliana
Religion Catholic

Giovanni Valli was a Julianan member of the NPI in the 1950s to 1970s. In the period of the 1976 Invasion of Juliana he defected in Brunant. In 1979 he was assassinated by Andreus Soto in Brunant.

Biography Edit

Giovanni was born in San Pietro. He was in the Julianan Army in World War II, when Italy invaded. He supported the royalists after the invasion but he joined the communist partisans in 1944.

In 1951 he became a member in the NPI. He joined the sector of the NPI that did surveillance of people. In 1966 the government sent him to the Julianan Embassy of Yugoslavia. In 1970 her returned to Juliana.

In the 1970s he already was an important person in the NPI, and in 1975 he joined the Julianan Embassy of Brunant. He was the NPI person in the embassy. When the 1976 invasion happened he wasn't very happy because the Soviets invaded, and he was afraid if he returned to Juliana. He tried to contact the government of Brunant but they didn't completely believe him, so he took a lot of documents from the embassy and he walked to the closest government office, the Department of Cultural Affairs and he said, I am defecting.

The Intelligence Office interrogated him and shared his documents with the other intelligence agencies of West Europe. They decided to put him in hiding and he was one year in Drenthe and in 1979 in Brezonde. He was discovered by an assassin (Andreus Soto) that worked with the NPI, because they wanted to kill him. In October 21, Andreus drove his car in Brezonde and he crashed the car of Giovanni Valli. When they discussed he secretly injected him with a poison and he slowly got weak and he died in the night.

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