Glas Julianska (Voice of Juliana) is the newspaper of the Socialist Party and previous the Communist Party. Glas Julianska was the principal newspaper of Juliana in the communist period. In 1986 it was forced to shut down due to massive demonstrations and boycotts, but it was recreated in 2008 as an online-only newspaper.

12 April 1976 Edition Edit

Glas Julianska 12april 1976

Glas Julianska 1976

Juliana was invaded on 12 April 1976 at 2:00 in the morning by Soviet Paratroops. Most of the invaders quickly went to take the Palace of Pisona, train station and the radio and television offices. In that time the editor of Glas Julianska was asked to publish a special edition that attacked the invasion. The workers of the newspaper already were awake to print the regular newspaper, so they printed one with the news of the attack. Because they didn't have enough time, only a part of page 1 was printed. The page announced to the people of the Julianan Socialist Republic that the country was attacked by USSR and the goverment didn't expect it. The message said that the government didn't ask people to fight, but it was going to resist the illegal invasion. The newspaper editions of this day are popular souvenir items.

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