Glas Julianska Dec 1981 P2




To the people of Juliana!

As we are facing a severe crisis in our cities, in our country, we have to work to ensure that security, order and the safety of our people are maintained. It is imperative that we work to restore that and our nation's glory, as much worse could happen to all.

Were first secretary Anton Berčič still alive, he would have rallied every countryman and we would be at peace. As he is not with us we must join together and unite behind his memory to preserve Juliana.

The Central Committee of the Communist Party along with the Congress of Deputies have authorized a number of emergency decrees and measures to be instituted in order to ensure our national safety and the safety of the people.

Security regulations to follow:

1. All citizens must follow and obey every order posted by the Central Committee, the congress of deputies and any other organ of the government.

2. Every order by a member of the Julianan Army and the police must be obeyed without question to ensure our security.

3. All citizens must carry identity documents in public from the age of 13 to better keep order.

4. Large public gatherings are hereby prohibited over the risk of leading to violence against people.

5. A curfew will be in place from 21:00 every night excepting prior permission by the competent authority.

6. All persons are prohibited from disseminating any kind of publication or document without the prior consent of the competent authority.

7. Any able-bodied male from 16 years of age may be called up to military service with the army to restore and maintain order.

8. Citizens may be called up to serve with the civil defense at any time as needed for the nation's security.

9. Travel out of Juliana, for tourism or otherwise is to be limited to only the most important cases.

10. People who are considered at risk of carrying out ilegal activities against the state may be detained.

All citizens are require to follow these regulations. Failure to do so will result in further consequences as prescribed in the national constitution.

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