Glas Julianska Dec 1981 P3




The Soviet army is massing on the Polish borders, and with good reason. Many people in Poland have taken to the streets to protest their government, being fed lies and misinformation from Western European radio and the CIA. The people there are at present zealous, but they will surely back down if not doing so would mean an invasion.

Juliana was invaded in 1976 to remove politicians who were steering our nation down the wrong path to destruction. We do know what it is, and we should not be divided and figting our nation. Instead, it is time for peace and unity, to show that Juliana has learned and will be a model for a peaceful, advanced country.


A delegation led by foreign minister Daneu and former general of the army Peter Rozman went to Moscow to speak with officials there. Meeting with politicians of the Politburo of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, they were able to accord an agreement that the USSR would support Juliana in its struggle against western instigators.

The Soviet Union made it known they will not use military force, but will provide equipment and assistance to the julianan army. Our government is very thankful of this support during this period.

Minister Daneu and former general Rozman will return to Juliana tomorrow.


The protesters in Strivica may consider themselves peaceful, but they have proven themselves far from that. Protesters in the old market began throwing rocks at three soldiers and then using illegal smoke bombs, injuring all three. Most local citizens were appalled at such violence, but protesters were blinded by their zeal and it is feared they will continue destroying our society and attacking our people.

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