Juliana Passport

Passport before 2006

The Julianan Passport is the passport of Juliana. It is issued to the citizens of the Republic of Juliana. Passports are valid for a period of ten years from issuing date. The passport complies to the rules (EG 2252/04) specified by the European Union. Since August 26, 2006, all passports are issued as a biometric passport with an embedded contactless smartcard RFID chip for storing biometric data.

The Juliana passport includes the following data on the identity information page:

  • Photo of passport Holder
  • Type (P)
  • Code (JUL)
  • Document No.
  • (1) Surname
  • (2) Given Names
  • (3) Nationality (Julianan)
  • (4) Date of issue
  • (5) Date of birth
  • (6) Date of expiry
  • (7) Place of birth
  • (8) Sex
  • (9) Height
  • (10) Personal Identification Number
  • (11) Authority
  • (12) Holder's Signature

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