Liga 2 Juliana is an amateur football league in Juliana that is organized by the Juliana Football Federation in conjunction with its sponsoring partner, Aviabank. Due to these close ties, the league is often refered to as Aviabank Liga 2.

As of the 2014-2015 season, there are ten teams within the Liga 2, including:

Note that Pisona F.C. B, A.C. Ciconia II and NK Strivica II are ineligible for promotion to the Liga 1 Juliana, as they are reserve/feeder teams for Pisona F.C., A.C. Ciconia and NK Strivica, respectively.

The best team in Liga 2 gets promoted to Liga 1 Juliana at the end of each season, while the worst Liga 1 team is relegated to Liga 2.

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