Old Town of Pisona is the oldest part of Pisona. It was founded in 1450 and it is centered around the Castle of Pisona.

Old Town also has a majority of important governmental buildings, and a variety of NGOs headquartered here, although many can also be found in the nearby neighborhood of Pisona Centre.


Caroman Avenue
Mäöreser Embassy
Peter Premis 1
Santa Maria Church
Peter Premis 3
1 Van Draak Street
Brunants Post
Ambroos-straat 8
2 Palace of Pisona
Statue of Duke Peter
Peter Premis 9
Peter Premis 11
Eric Peitersson
Peter Premis 5
Lovian Embassy
Peter Premis 7
Via Peter Premis Ulica
State Museum
Carlotta Avenue 1
Palace of Castle of Pisona
Carlotta Avenue 5
The Meridian
Peter Premis 2
Supreme Court of Brunant
Peter Premis 4
the Congress
Carlotta Avenue 3
Hotel Majestic
Carlotta Avenue 7
Avenija Carlotta/Viale Carlotta
National Art Museum
Carlotta Avenue 2
Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts
Carlotta Avenue 4
Koningsberg Palace
Carlotta Avenue 6
Carlotta Avenue 8 SD Bank
Carlotta Avenue 10
City Hall
Ambroos-straat 3
Havering Avenue

  1. Van Draak Street
  2. Ambroos-straat

Places in Old TownEdit

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