The Order of the Republic of Juliana (Vrstni Red Republika Juliana/Ordine della Repubblica Juliana) is the highest civilian order in Juliana.

Created after the fall of the Communist government in 1982, the Order was established by the Civic Right government of Alberto Vergino in 1983.

The award was initially given to the key leaders of the 1980 Julianan Protests and has since been awarded by the President to important civilians and foreign leaders that have helped Juliana.

Name (English) Commander Grand Knight Knight Member, 1st Class Member, 2nd Class
Postnominals CRJ -or- PJ GCJ -or- GVR CAJ -or- VRJ MPC -or- ČPR MSC -or- ČDR
Name (Italian) Comandante Gran Cavaliere Cavaliere Membro di Prima Classe Membro di Seconda Classe
Name (Slovenian) Poveljnik Grand Vitez Vitez Član Prvegarazredni Član Drugorazredni
Ribbon Bar Commander Ribbon Bar Grand Knight Ribbon Bar Knight Ribbon Bar Member, 1st Class Ribbon Bar Member, 2nd Class Ribbon Bar

Notable MembersEdit


Note (*) - All former presidents have, by tradition, been awarded the title of Commander at the completion of their term by the incoming president.

Grand KnightsEdit

  • Giovanni Primo GCR (2004) - "For services rendered to the resistance against the Communist regime, for dedication to his homeland during times of great duress and exile, for organization of the Julianan exile community, for his service as Crimes Against Humanity Commissioner, and for organization of the Michele Bencini School of Social Sciences and Law"


Members, 1st ClassEdit

Members, 2nd ClassEdit