-Marco Gašpar

Marco Gašpar
since January 10, 2012
Inaugural holder
Residence Palace of Pisona
Term length 5 years
Salary 1,300,000 justinas

The President is the head of state of Juliana. The president is directly elected by the people for five years, and can be elected for a maximum of two consecutive terms. The presidency is largely a ceremonial office, but the president does exercise certain limited powers with absolute discretion. The president's official residence is the Palace of Pisona. The president is Marco Gašpar.

List of the presidentsEdit

Communist PresidentsEdit

President Period in power Party
Viktor Bloudek 1946-1957 Communist Party
Antonio Serra 1957-1965 Communist Party
Anton Moline 1965-1980 Communist Party
Peter Furlan 1980-1982 Communist Party

Modern presidentsEdit

President Period in power Party
Robert Hribernik 1982-1987 DP-DC
Antonio Cassio 1987-1992 Independent
Marta Paulina 1992-1997 PCD-KCS
Antonio Cassio 1997-2002 Independent
Giovanna Grassi 2002-2012 SD
Marco Gašpar 2012-present Independent

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