Tacchini advertising 1937

Tacchini advertising, 1937

1949 Delage D6 Tacchini

1949 Delage D6

Carozzeria Tacchini was a Julianan coachbuilder active from 1925 to 1952. Tacchini was founded by Alberto Tacchini and produced coachwork for cars until World War II. In 1946 Tacchini left for France and his son Renato, from 1947 continued the company until 1952.

Tacchini produced a variety of bodies for companies such as Martell-Werner, Hispano-Suiza, Dramont, Carona, Delage and Hotchkiss. They were the official royal coachbuilders for King Danilo III of Juliana and rebodied his 1926 Martell Werner, a landau limousine

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