Taxes in Juliana are levied by the Government of Juliana and provinces. In Juliana taxes have different categories and income tax is progressive, but the taxes are low so that people and companies are attracted to come to Juliana.

Taxes RatesEdit

Corporate tax Minimum income tax Maximum income tax Payroll tax (usually reduces taxable income) Value added tax Property tax
4%-10% 8.5% 19% 6% 4%-5% 2%-6%

Corporate taxEdit

The corporate taxes in Juliana are standard: 6% for large companies and 4% for small companies. Companies that only are registered but don't have real offices in Juliana is 10% for large companies and 8% for small companies. So there's a benefit to open offices in Juliana.

Income taxEdit

Incomes taxes are in six groups 1, 2, 3 and 1A, 2A, 3A. 1 is for up to 150,000 justinas and 10%, 2 is 150,001-700,000 justinas and 14.5% and 3 is 700,001 and more justinas (19%). If you live 9 months and less in Juliana you pay 8.5% in group 1A, 11% in group 2A, 14% in group 3A.

Payroll taxEdit

Payroll tax is 6% and it's paid partially by employees and employers for social security. 

Value added taxEdit

VAT is only 5% but dairy and vegetables is only 4%.

Property taxEdit

Property tax is 4% for people that are 6 months or more in Juliana and 6% if you are less time in Juliana. For more houses, it's 2% or 3% for each one.

Criticisms and ResponsesEdit