The Juliana telephone numbering plan is a telephone number assigning system used in Juliana. A example telephone number is the information number of the Government of Juliana, 11 2000 and outside of Juliana 00 422 11 2000.

Within Juliana Outside Juliana Mobiles
xx xxxx 00 422 xx xxxx 05/06/07/08 xxxx
10-24 Pisona
25-34 Ciconia
35-39 Sveta Lucia
40-49 Strivica
50-59 San Pietro
60-69 Avia
70-79 Partena
81-89 Marziga

Non-geographic numbersEdit

03-08 Mobile telephones.
900 Premium-rate telephone numbers.
800-809 Toll-free telephone numbers.

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